Vine (cépage): Primitivo

Alcohol: 14 % by vol.

Zone of grapes production: Jonic cost-line

Land: Rocky – calcareus, very productive


Considerable influenced from Jonio Sea being very deep, moves a great amount of warm durino winter and gets cooler summer days. It is the warmest zone of Salento but even less rainy. These climatic condition encourages Salento’s grapes to obtain a raising sugary concentration, therefore these wines are the Salento’s most high alcoholic  gradation.

System of cultivation: Espailer


Grapes are destemmed, gentily pressed qualified and carried on to tanks. These stainless stell tanks are endowed by a cooling-pocket that tracks must temperature. Controlled fermentation allows to obtain high quality production without any alteration risk that will be unsuccessful reflected on the organoleptics characteristic of the product.

Organoleptic characteristes

A wine red ruby-coloured. Intricate ad well decided scent. At first its bouquet is sweetly vanilla flavour, species and forest fruits combined with peculiar ripe fruits scent, plums and morello. It results a character wine to the palate, intense and ample persistent.

Gastronomics coupling

It is perfectly served with main courses as ragout sauce with pasta, roast red meat, maching game and ripening cheese.