TERRAS – Negroamaro Appassimento

Vines: Negroamaro




The grapes are left on the vines for about a month despite the ripening that has already taken place; in this way the grapes lose water through perspiration and the sugars and phenolic compounds are concentrated.


The grapes are de-stemmed, gently pressed, conditioned and conveyed into the fermenters. These stainless steel tanks are equipped with a refrigeration pocket that allows you to monitor the temperature of the must.


Controlled fermentation allows to obtain high quality products without risks of alterations which would adversely affect the organoleptic characteristics of the product.


Organoleptic characteristics: Very warm wine full of color and with strong fruity scents. At the same time full and velvety on the palate. There are notes of vanilla, cocoa and spices.

Food matches: It accompanies every dish pleasantly.