Terre del Palmento was born amid the hills of the ‘Valle d’itria’ between the Ionian and Adriatic seas, land of the ‘trulli’, old farms, vineyards, wines and Baroque architecture; a charming place where tradition meet a glorious wine loving heritage. Salento, thanks to its wine producing culture, has become over the years one of the most well-known, important and appreciated Italian and European wine selling regions.

Our name, Terre del Palmento, refer to old stone structures born in our area around 1780 for the production of wine. this structure was used for the transformation and conservation of wine in special tanks build into the rock, and was also possible preserve wine at low and constant temperatures for all year.

The culture of wine has changed and also people today consume wine in very different way, in different circumstances and with a more intense search for a taste that is getting more and more exacting and refined.

For this Terre del Palmento produce a special selection of wines, thanks our fantastic grapes! For this with different Primitivo, Negromaro, we have introduced and suggest grapes like Susumaniello, and also different idea of Negroamaro with Appassimento style.

With this wines, we want increase our presence in Italy and also in foreign market!